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“Build a skilled India”
Connex offers employability programmes that in turn creates employment ready workforce offering end-to-end skill building programmes focusing on improving the employability quotient of aspirants while partnering with various governments and their agencies to provide skill building programmes for the rural youth that in turn creates corporate ready workforce.
Education and training has not kept pace with change in economy and needs to change to meet the challenges of business. The most challenging national requirement is the need to mobilize effectively the large young and qualified human resource. There is a huge gap between what industry needs and what is available in terms of skilled candidates / students. India would need over 500 million skilled people by 2022 across following sectors: Auto, Building and Construction, Real Estate, Electronics and IT Hardware, Education, Food Processing, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Media and Entertainment, BFSI, IT and ITES, e-commerce… while there are millions of job opportunities across these sectors, industry continues to struggle for skilled talent. In order to bridge this talent gap, Connex offers skill building solutions across the industries. After all, while our country has grown in numbers we have miles to go when it comes to having the right skills for the right job. Connex has a vision to develop this potential and play a key role in providing skilled workforce. Methodology
Connex’s training methodology and approach to transferring knowledge is constantly reviewed and updated. We ensure that we bring the most up to date teaching methods and techniques to our courses.
We strongly believe that actively engaged participants will absorb and retain knowledge far more successfully than those who attend lecture style courses. Where material is contextualized and relevant to the participants’ own experiences, understanding is significantly improved. Our training programmes are designed to provide participants with an active and relevant learning experience. Our resources and methodologies include:
  • The use of technical and
    subject matter experts

  • Webinars

  • Relevant and concise course
    material for each participant

  • E learning

  • Interactive group exercises
    and discussions

  • Mentoring – one to one and

  • Participant led presentations

  • For our professional qualification
    courses; progress tests, mock
    exams, and personalized feedback
    for each student

  • Customized case studies,
    business simulations and
    role plays