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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company with customers and operations across time zones, a mid-size organization looking to scale up to the next level, or a small business or start-up keen to make a mark in a competitive and dynamic market, you can count on Connex Technology Solutions to be your growth partner. Connex Technology Solutions is a leading IT services provider that has supported and satisfied clients around the world since 2011. We provide a wide range of services aimed at optimizing your business processes and delivering positive outcomes for your organization. Our services span: Our employees have the right skill-set for their jobs. As our strongest asset, we continually invest in their development. In keeping with client requirements, project-specific training is imparted at the commencement of every new job and upgradation of capabilities is done through specific programs on a regular basis. We are also an equal-opportunity employer and recruit based on the potential of the candidates, and not just their qualifications on paper. We adopt the latest technologies, with regard to on-premise software or on the cloud, that are compatible with your business and ours. This helps to maintain a streamlined, uninterrupted flow of project-related data between your office location, anywhere in the world, and our delivery centers. By outsourcing your business requirement to Connex, you can get access to the best resources, deep industry expertise, long-term support and innovative thinking that will accelerate your business operations, and give you a sustainable edge in your industry.


To be a global leader in the creation and delivery of innovative, cost-effectivie, high quality and timely IT Services that enable our clients and employees to win in the changing world of work.


We understand the larger significance of our work. We share a passion for customers and the global business environment, as well as a firm belief that our diverse people make a difference beyond boundaries and across borders. It is the key to our customers' success and, ultimately, to our own. These are our values and they shape everything we do.
  • Integrity - Base relationships on trust, do the right thing in dealing with people and business issues and communicate openly and honestly
  • Respect - Treat people with dignity and promote an environment in which people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles can thrive
  • Teamwork - Collaborate to share knowledge, solve problems and build strong teams
  • Accountability for Results - Set high expectations, measure performance and accept personal responsibility for results
  • Continuous Improvement - Embrace change and promote innovation and creativity in the pursuit of higher performance
  • Customer Focus - Deliver what is promised and strive to add value beyond what is expected

Social Responsibility

With the recognition comes responsibility. At Connex Technology Solutions, we are proud to support individual efforts as well as group initiatives to mobilize positive outcomes for our environment, community and our future.
Protecting the world we live in is up to all of us. So how do we make sure we're doing our part? Acting responsibly is central to how we conduct our business. By making sure all of our operations and activities comply with related environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, we not only ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, but also our customers, families and broader communities. As part of our corporate responsibility, Connex Technology Solutions will:
  • Operate in a paperless environment as much as possible.
  • Pursue energy conservation and waste reduction across all locations.
  • Practice a policy of recycling and reuse wherever possible.
  • Encourage our employees to be responsible, green citizens.
  • Provide a healthy workplace with minimal environmental impacts.